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Jes Baker

Jes Baker (@themilitantbaker) has been a major figure in the fat-positive community for years beginning with her "Attractive and Fat" photo campaign as backlash against Abercrombie and Fitch's anti-fat advertising. Since then, her refreshingly authentic voice has garnered over 77 thousand followers on instagram as well as a wildly popular personal blog. Jes has built her foundation on the idea that #fatgirlsCAN and she continues to shatter society's expectations for fat people with equal parts outspoken advocacy and brazen visibility. I loved getting a chance to sit down with this inspirational woman to talk about complicated topics from "Lisa Frank bopo" to her relationship with movement. Take a listen and join the conversation with us on instagram! 


"Every single person right now is being targeted, when it comes to self-esteem and body image, women have historically been the targets of marketing and advertising selling these beauty and weight loss products."

- Jes Baker

This Week on the Every Body Podcast:

  • How Jes Baker's online presence took off with her "Attractive and Fat" campaign against Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • Discussions on class as it relates to farm culture and how that relates to current gender roles.
  • How the new "health is the new skinny" trend plays into diet culture. 
  • The ways wellness culture is exclusive and damaging to the vast majority of people.
  • Jes's personal recovery process as it relates to her childhood experience with poverty.
  • Jes talks about her complicated relationship with movement and intuitive eating. 
  • The ways Jes connects with her body and finds happiness and fulfillment. 
  • How writing her upcoming memoir, "Landwhale" (May 2018), has played a role in the connection between her mental and physical journey.
  • The ways the "Lisa Frank bopo" movement can fall short for many people.


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