Ep. 16: Fat Shaming Linked to Greater Health Risks - Dr. Rebecca Pearl


Fat Shaming Linked to Greater Health Risks -

Dr. Rebecca Pearl

Dr. Rebecca Pearl is a clinical psychologist and an assistant professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychiatry at Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Her research revolves around weight bias and stigma, how it affects the overall health of a person, and the possible solutions and interventions to this concern.  

Dr. Pearl joins me today to share the effects of fat shaming and weight bias internalization to a person’s physical and psychological health. As she identifies some of the causes of this bias, Dr. Pearl also shares their findings on how to counter this weight stigma and how the concept of dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, can play a significant role in promoting change in an individual’s thinking and behavior towards his or her weight and overall health. 

“More and more research is highlighting the negative effects of weight stigma on health. There still seems to be this misconception that stigma is necessary or even helpful to motivate people to change their health behaviors and that is not the case.”  

– Dr. Rebecca Pearl

This Week on the Every Body Podcast: 

  • Examples of weight stigma and discrimination in political and public health campaigns 
  • Relationship between weight bias internalization and cardiometabolic syndrome 
  • The key to understanding a person’s health picture 
  • Why she uses BMI in her research and studies 
  • Why “obesity” is a controversial term 
  • Promising results of an 8-week intervention program she created to combat internalize fat stigma 
  • More information on the study  

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