Ep. 15: Freedom from Food & Body Struggles - Carmen Cool

Freedom from Food & Body Struggles

with Carmen Cool

Body-centered psychotherapist and certified Hakomi practioner, Carmen Cool helps people end the cycle of dieting and overeating, once and for all.  Along the way, she helps them unravel their body stories and learn to trust their bodies and themselves.  

Her own journey to recovery, partnered with her sister’s death of an eating disorder, makes her even more passionate about her work and a zealous advocate for Health at Every Size.  

Carmen joins me today to discuss the nonprofit organization she founded where she partnered with teenagers as they help and address the body struggles in schools, communities, and other circles of influence. She also shares how active engagement in activism helps in her client’s healing process and how taking the change on a societal level helps achieve true freedom from the diet culture.  

“I don’t think you can recover from an eating disorder and try to lose weight at the same time.”  

– Carmen Cool

This Week on the Every Body Podcast: 

  • Uniqueness in Carmen’s approach 
  • Founding of the Boulder Youth Body Alliance 
  • The mentality that led her, her sister, and others to eating disorders 
  • How she was introduced to the ideas and concept of Health at Every Size  
  • The spark that ignited the fire in her to pursue freedom from food 
  • Explaining how “weight stigma” was really the cause of her sister's death 
  • Why she chose to specialize in binge eating and overeating 
  • Defining “Health at Every Size” and why the model was developed 
  • The Hakomi method 
  • What impacts people the most as they go through recovery 
  • Poisonous myths that need to be busted 

How to Change the Norms on Body Weight: 

  1. Look at and understand your own biases. 
  1. Ask yourself, “How do they operate?” 
  1. Ask yourself, “How do they get in the way of me seeing others clearly?” 
  1. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to unlearn my biases?” 

Resources Mentioned: 


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