Ep. 10: Healthy Relationships to Food & Stop Binge Eating with Judith Matz

EB010 - Healthy Relationships to Food and Stop Binge Eating with Judith Matz

Judith Matz realized the work she wanted to pursue after seeing the connections between her personal experience with losing weight, her professional experience with people going through Optifast, and the book she read titled Overcoming Overeating. It was made clear that her purpose is to help individuals stop dieting and she made this her mission ever since. 

With over 25 years of experience as a therapist, speaker, and author, Judith is a licensed clinical social worker with a Master's degree from the University of Michigan. She is the author of The Diet Survivors Handbook, Beyond a Shadow of a Diet, and Amanda's Big Dream. 

She joins me today to discuss binge eating disorders, weight bullying, and how we feed our children. She explains how binge eating gets passed on from generation to generation, and the role of sugar addiction in our society. She also shares the Health At Every Size paradigm, and the social justice aspect of the movement that tries to end discrimination on people based on shape and size. 

“We need to acknowledge size diversity - that people come in different shapes and sizes.”

- Judith Matz


This Week on the Every Body Podcast: 

  • Where the “thin ideal” in children lead to and examples of fat-shaming messages 
  • Approximate age that children start to diet and be conscious about their weight and body size 
  • How the diet-binge cycle changes the body’s physiology 
  • Damaging effects of weight bullying and how people tend to put the blame on the victims 
  • Child obesity and preconceived notions about it 
  • Why access is important in improving healthcare and healthful behavior 
  • How to teach children to be healthy eaters 
  • The significance of talking about restriction in sugar addiction research 
  • Advantages of having Binge Eating Disorders added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) 
  • Manifestations that show how deep the weight stereotypes are embedded in people  


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