Ep. 09: Secrets from the Eating Lab with Dr. Traci Mann

Today’s guest, Traci Mann, a professor of social and health psychology and the principal investigator of the Health and Eating Laboratory at the University of Minnesota, sheds light on the truth about self-control and dieting. 

She talks about the relationship between dieting and weight gain with the aim to identify and understand the behaviors related to eating and a person’s body image. Traci also shares her work at the Eating Lab and how her team studies the mindsets people have about dieting and its effects. 

Weight gain really needs to be thought of, not as an unfortunate screw up after dieting, but it should be looked at as an expected result of dieting.
— Traci Mann

This Week on the Every Body Podcast:

  • What brought Traci to focus on eating for her life’s work
  • Detrimental effects of dieting and its inevitable consequences
  • How your body responds to keep you in a certain weight range
  • How historical famines changed people’s metabolism to survive
  • Things that change and problems that occur when you’re dieting below a set range
  • Why it’s so hard for people to believe the facts about dieting
  • The result of a study made by Katherine Flegal that show the link between people’s weight and mortality. Read study
  • Clarifying the obesity paradox and the relationship between people’s health and fitness level
  • Persuasive evidence about obesity being not a good indication of a person’s health
  • The truth about willpower as backed by years of experiments and studies
  • Effect of removing obstacles when eating healthy foods

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