Ep. 07: "Fat Femme" Yogi with Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher, activist, and author of a newly released book: Every Body Yoga. She was launched into the limelight with Instagram, almost by accident. Her initial intention with her Instagram account was to have a way to document her yoga practice and use it as a way to check her at-home progress over time.

Jessamyn joins me on the show today to share her in-depth knowledge and insight on what yoga truly is a practice about truth and authenticity. She shares her own challenges and conflicts with her own body image throughout her childhood and early adulthood. She shares how she overcame these challenges and improved her self-image and confidence and why she feels so strongly about identifying herself as a “fat femme” and what that term means to her.

Yoga, while it obviously encourages body positivity – yoga is also a lot bigger than body positivity.
— Jessamyn Stanley

This Week on the Every Body Podcast:

  • The conflict she had with herself, her body image, and how she overcame it.
  • Why she significantly reduced posting images of her private yoga practice on Instagram
  • The advantages and disadvantages of live yoga classes
  • How childhood media images impacted her body image and her recovery process
  • Why she believes body image problems are a product of the world we live in now
  • The process that helped her come to terms with her body image problems
  • How you feel vs how you look
  • Dealing with negativity and trolling from other people
  • How school bullies helped her learn to cope with negative people and trolls
  • What authenticity means to her and why she makes a conscious decision to be authentic

Jessamyn’s Tips for Getting Started with Yoga:

  • Take online classes

Connect with Jessamyn Stanley:

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