Ep. 05: Body Postive Instagram Celebrity with Megan Crabbe

Eating disorder behavior and weight conversation. My guest today is Megan Crabbe. Megan is an Instagram body positivity celebrity working to address the body negativity issues through her Instagram account. Former anorexic and self-loather, Megan is passionate about debunking the myths and lies within the diet industry. She joins me on the show today to share her personal journey through body positivity and eating disorders. She shares the story of being
admitted into the hospital due to her disorder and how she ultimately recovered from it and began feeling better about herself. We also discuss how eating disorders are strongly linked to psychological concerns and her experiences with therapy.

It’s terrifying to consider dropping everything you’ve ever believed about food
weight your body your value and think maybe I’ve had it wrong all these years.
— Megan Crabbe

This Week on the Every Body Podcast:

  • How your psyche and mindset about yourself and your body image plays a role in body positivity
  • The misconceptions and misunderstandings of what eating disorders are and when a person is fully recovered
  • How Instagram helped Megan achieve body positivity
  • The Body Positivity Movement – what it is and what it’s all about, and the problems
  • What the “Don’t Hate the Shake” movement is
  • Dealing with Instagram trolls
  • Recent criticisms about the Body Positivity Movement and what needs to be done to overcome the criticism
  • Misleading messages and misconceptions within the fashion industry
  • How Instagram is helping body people change the landscape of what people see in the world regarding body positivity

Megan’s Body Positivity Advice:

  • Understand that body positivity is something very personal. It’s something you have to figure out for yourself.
  • Be willing to do the research, learn from others, and put in the work to change your mindset. You will get there!

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